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Eternal, where every moment can be savored.

Elle M Events, is a renowned firm that has earned accolades for its expertise in offering comprehensive services, including destination planning, month-of coordination, and exquisite design, tailored for opulent weddings, as well as corporate and philanthropic events.
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Unrivaled coordination and impeccable craftsmanship

Our team achieves the perfect balance in wedding planning through precise organization, enduring vendor partnerships, and a keen sense of style.

Our commitment lies in surpassing expectations and crafting an unparalleled wedding journey for our clients. This entails offering unlimited consultations and being readily available when you require our assistance.

We view each wedding as a harmonious collaboration between our team and our clients. You bring your distinctive wedding vision, and together, we transform it into a breathtaking reality.

The Outcome: Your wedding will authentically mirror your unique style, your cherished family traditions, and the beautiful narrative of your love.

How it works


Grasping Your Vision to Create Your Dream Wedding

Every wedding commences with you. Prior to embarking on the design and planning journey, we take the time to comprehend your vision, your principles, and your budget for your special day.


We meticulously shape every detail to manifest your envisioned reality...

Thoughtful planning is just one component of the equation. The aesthetics of your wedding will be meticulously curated, even down to the minutest of details. We'll collaborate with you to choose design elements that will leave your family and friends in awe.


We manage the behind-the-scenes logistical aspects...

Dealing with emails, phone calls, and vendor meetings... Countless hours and an abundance of details are invested in crafting your enduring wedding experience. Our team takes care of every aspect, allowing you to relish your wedding day.


Embracing the Present, Savoring Every Moment on Our Special Day

We've meticulously attended to every aspect and orchestrated all the intricacies, ensuring that your wedding day unfolds seamlessly, granting you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself and relish every single second of this joyous occasion.

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We care about ensuring your Entertainment is the best possible option for everyone involved – clients and guests. We’ve worked with many bands, musicians and DJs over the years and can make the best recommendations for your event. We take care of the small, tedious details and arrangements so that our clients can focus on the important stuff. That’s why we make the effort to understand your exact needs, so the event you imagine is the event you’ll get. We’re here to make sure your Entertainment will be a surefire hit.
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Whatever the circumstances, Elle M Events is here to make your Wedding Venue Setup extra special. Contact us today and see what we can do to make your event wonderful, successful and ultimately less stressful for you. We offer competitive rates and work with the best vendors and venues in the area, guaranteeing an unforgettable event. Let us do all the work so that your family and friends can enjoy the celebration!
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Trust Elle M Events to take care of all your Planning and Coordination details — from decor and location to food and seating. We’ll assist you in developing a budget, help pick out vendors as well as a venue, and take care of the day’s timeline so you won’t have to worry about a thing except showing up. Hiring a professional wedding planner is like having an insurance policy on your event. Without one, there is no promise that your event will flow as you hoped for – and no one wants to risk that! We guarantee our attention to detail will have those in attendance raving about the event afterwards.


Ready to let our team create your dream wedding?