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May 21, 2024

How to Choose Wedding Music: 7 Simple Steps for the Perfect Playlist

Guest Feature: Mastering Wedding Music with Ceremony Musicians

Welcome to the Elle M Events blog! We’re thrilled to feature a guest post from a truly enchanting group of ceremony musicians. These talented artists specialize in creating the perfect ambiance for weddings, turning each ceremony into a mesmerizing musical experience. As you plan your special day, the harmony and melody they provide can transform your ceremony into an unforgettable symphony of love. Join us as they share insider tips on how to choose wedding music to complement your wedding theme, creating a magical atmosphere that resonates with every note. Whether you’re dreaming of a classic string quartet or a more modern acoustic set, their expert advice will guide you in orchestrating the perfect musical backdrop for your “I dos.” Let’s dive into the sounds of romance and celebration!

Final Touches: Choosing the Perfect Wedding Music

The day has finally come to prepare for the wedding of your dreams. You have your beautiful dress picked out, the venue, videographer and photographer, and even the flowers; however, a vital aspect of your special day is still missing—the music!

No worries.

7 Essential Tips for Organizing Perfect Wedding Music

1. Listen to wedding music.

And we mean a lot of music. Classical. Top 40. Jazz. Hymns. Pop. You name it! Listen to different genres and to different combinations of instruments so you have an idea of what sounds you like—and more importantly—what you don’t like. (Helpful hint: we have our videos divided by ensemble so you can listen and see which instruments you like best.)

2. Ask questions before you hire people.

How many weddings do they play in a year? It’s important that you hire a group who plays weddings almost every weekend. This lets you know that they are seasoned wedding performers.

How experienced are the musicians? Remember, wedding performances are different from all other performances. We calculate the timing of our music precisely to match your processionals. Our music must be known so well, so that we can look up from the music to see you walking or to see your coordinator giving us cues. Sometimes songs have to be shortened or lengthened… on the spot.

For example, does your flower girl run down the aisle? Or does she take three minutes to precisely place every pedal in its spot? Wedding musicians should be prepared when these spontaneous events occur and always have a way of seamlessly making it work.

Are the musicians students or professionals or a combination of both? Some budget-friendly groups may use inexperienced musicians instead of pros.

3. Watch sample videos.

Most musicians, especially professionals, should have sample demos of themselves. Do they have a YouTube channel or a video on their website that you can watch? Hearing and watching these videos will allow you to visualize the musicians playing at your wedding… and you can make sure they sound good!

Wedding musicians Ceremony wedding musicians how to choose wedding music

4. Look at their song list.

Do they play a certain style of music that you like? Are they willing to learn a new song if there is one you love and that they have not played before? Sometimes, they only show a portion of their song list like this one. If a particular song you like is not shown, it doesn’t hurt to find out if they can play it. So, ask away!

5. Decide where your musicians will be set up for the wedding day.

What is their policy on weather? Is your wedding indoors or outdoors? If it is outdoors, what do the musicians do if it rains? Are there sunlight concerns?

6. Read their reviews online. (THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!)

Whether you choose to hire a group or a solo musician, it is always a good idea to read their reviews to see how these musicians influenced other couples’ wedding days! If they have been in the wedding business for any length of time, there will be reviews.

Check out reviews on this page!

7. Choose your music!

Now comes the fun part! Once you choose the perfect group, it’s typical to sign a contract and pay a retainer to reserve your wedding date. We recommend a similar music program to this one here.

With this step-by-step guide to hiring live musicians for your wedding, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect fit for your wedding day!

About the author:

Ceremony musician Wedding violinist

April Dean McConnell is the owner and Co-Founder, of Deans’ Duets, LLC. You can find April and the rest of the Deans’ Duets team playing throughout the Carolinas, the east coast and beyond! You can learn

more about April and Deans’ Duets here:

This guest blog is brought to you by Deans’ Duets, LLC.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Wedding Day with the Perfect Melodies

We hope these insights have helped you envision the musical landscape of your wedding day. Remember, the right melodies not only set the stage but also capture the essence of your love story, making every moment resonate with deeper meaning. At Elle M Events, we are committed to helping you create a day that’s as melodious as it is memorable. If you have any questions about how to choose wedding music for your ceremony or need further assistance in planning your perfect day, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us help you harmonize each detail, from vows to violins, ensuring your wedding day sings beautifully of your unique love. Happy planning, and may your wedding day be as lyrical and lovely as you’ve always imagined!

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